The Harvey Canal was originally founded to facilitate trade and maritime traffic. That grew to include the Oil & Gas Industry. And has continued to evolve to support all Heavy manufacturing and Industrial operations. It is still one of the most logical locations for any manufacturer as all of the Gulf of Mexico and adjacent land from Texas to Florida can be serviced from the Harvey Canal.

M-3 zoned Heavy Industrial properties. Strongest zoning available for manufacturing / fabrication operations. Areas available from 1 to 20 acres. Improvements on site or custom built.

S-1 zoning Special Industrial. Perfect for assembly and/or distribution operations. Rail, trucking and air connections available.

C-2 Commercial zoning. Raw land for development of high density retail operations.

As the Harvey Canal – with easy access to the Gulf – is located in South Louisiana, all users benefit from being in an area of generally good weather. Even better is that all company property is on the “good side” of the area flood walls and sector gates. Not only providing the best protection during potential storm events but allowing utilization during those same events. One of the few areas that allows unimpeded operations year round for maximum productivity.