Parcel A-Y, Tract A, Hanson Place Subdivision. 326’ by 1,725’ by 352’ by 1,975’ (street frontage along East Airline Highway is 326’), for a total of 13.85 acres.

CONDITION: Property has been almost completely paved (concrete and asphalt).


Site has excellent access on East Airline Highway. Immediate access to Interstate
I-310 and Interstate I-10 from two sides plus continued access along Airline Highway.


Site has been improved with a 230,325 s/f high cube distribution facility. Property is dock high, concrete tilt up panels to 15’, balance is galvalume panels. Roof is 20 gauge aluminum panels (no rust). Eave height is 35’. There is approximately 8,000 s/f of climate-controlled space within the main building. Property is sprinklered to an “ultra hazard” capacity (sprinkler heads are closer together than required for a greater volume of fire control). Site has its own rail spur that runs the entire length of the building. There are 44 truck bay doors and 15 rail access doors. Approximately half the truck doors have automatic dock levelers. Includes an additional 1,800’ of office space attached to the main building. Site has heavy duty power already provided to the building, Five (5) private fire hydrants along the west side of the property, security lighting and restricted gate access.


Property is 100% paved. 70% asphalt, 30% concrete. Foundation is suitable for heavy truck traffic.


Site is zoned S-1, Special Industrial. This is a commercial zoning established for this area that most correctly serves the need of the distribution type facilities in the area. Property is in an Enterprise Zone.


Property is leased 100% to a long-term user.

NOTES: Property suffered minor roof damage during Hurricanes Katrina and Gustav (losing 3 separate roof portions for a total of approx. 30,000 s/f). All panels have been replaced and the entire roof has had additional fasteners installed to the beams and purlins. The entire roof was then insulated with 2 inches of spray foam insulation and then capped with multiple coats of elastomeric roof coating. The new roof is, in effect, monolithic with zero penetrations and is one of the best warehouse roofs in the city.

Availability: Property is not available for sale.